FEMA and SBA work together to help flood impacted Iowans

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It’s been more than a month since the March floodings that impacted much of Iowa but FEMA and The Small Business Administration wants you to know their assistance is still available.

“So far 1,575 families have registered for FEMA assistance across southwest Iowa and that’s nearly 1600 families reaching out to us saying ‘we need help'” said Deanna Fraizer with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

There are three main types of FEMA assistance.  The first is rental assistance, to help you with stay at another location- if you’ve been displaced. FEMA will also help you recieve grant money to make repairs to your home as well as money to help replace some personal property.

“However, the average grant is three to five thousand dollars from FEMA and so FEMA is not designed to make you whole; it’s designed to get your home into a safe, sanitary, functional situation so that you can begin that recovery process and that’s where the Small Business Administration can come it,” said Fraizer.

According to Bill Koontz with the Small Business Adminstration (SBA) they’ve helped around 40 businesses but the assistance offered doesn’t stop at businesses.

“But one of the things that folks don’t know is a rule is that the Small Business Association, the SBA, can also help homeowners and rentors in disaster recovery. So of the 1500 or so folks that have registered with FEMA, which is the first step, FEMA has referred most of them to the SBA to talk to SBA about a disaster loan. So where FEMA gives you a few thousand as a grant you don’t have to pay back. The SBA can loan you hundreds of thousands of dollars to a homeowner. A renter can get up to $40,000 for personal property loss- that includes a car. And we can lead up to $200,000 for a home.”

The deadline to apply is May 22. You first must register and apply with FEMA either by calling 1-800-621-FEMA or visiting disasterassistance.gov to then get loan assistance from the Small Business Administration. 

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