Finding Life Through Barbecue Sauce

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URBANDALE – Barbecue is a necessity for Midwesterners, and having the right barbecue sauce is key to having the perfect barbecue.

But one local sauce that was started in Waterloo has a deeper story behind the label.

Gerald Young is a disabled veteran who created Young G’s Barbeque Sauce after being the lone survivor of an attack on his platoon in Afghanistan.

Young said, “I end up being the only that survived the tragedy of incoming fire and I love to share all that I’m doing. This is what I’m doing for my fellow soldiers that stood side-by-side with me – fighting for our country.”

He says he received the 20 year old family secret recipe from his father after having difficulties getting over what happened to his platoon.

Receiving the recipe from his father gave him a purpose to continue living and helped him cope with the attack.

Young said, “I decided that upon my recovery I wanted to do something with my life then just sit around and think about what really happened to me. I seeked help or counseling, you know, things like that and my dad came up with the idea – son why don’t you just take the sauce and do something with it.”

He is proud of what he has been able to accomplish since returning home and starting Young G’s in 2011.

Young says his platoon always talked about what they were going to do if they returned home and Young has went through with their plan.

He said, “We decided – hey if we ever make it home let’s continue on with the plan that we made, and they’re rejoicing I’m pretty sure. I feel it in my spirit that they’re rejoicing.”

Young G’s also has a unique twist that many other barbecue sauces do not have – it’s healthy. Anyone who suffers from celiac disease, high blood pressure or diabetes will be happy to know that Young G’s is low in sodium and is gluten free.

He said, “To eliminate those things – the preservatives in there so people can enjoy a healthy product and eat it all year round’.”

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