Former candidates could see support after Dems change caucus rules

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DES MOINES — The Iowa Democratic Party changed how they’re reporting caucus results this year, which has some contemplating choosing to support former candidates during first alignment.

In the past, IDP only released how many state delegate equivalents (SDE) each candidate won.

This year, IDP announced they’re releasing raw vote totals in addition to state delegate equivalents.

This change led one Urbandale woman to consider choosing former Democratic candidate Cory Booker during first alignment, even though he dropped out of the race.

“I’m contemplating still aligning for Cory Booker during the first alignment and then realigning with another candidate when I see what the room looks like, which is a little scary,” undecided voter Bridget Carberry Montgomery said. “I don’t know if that’s the best strategy, but it’s the one that I feel most comfortable with right now.”

The new reporting rules have some worried the winner of the Democratic Caucus in Iowa may not be clear cut.

It could lead to one candidate winning the popular vote and another winning the most state delegate equivalents.

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