Former FBI agent analyzes aspects of West Des Moines case

Local News

WEST DES MOINES – An Iowa community is shaken up and still processing what happened inside a home in suburban Des Moines on Saturday.

Former FBI agent Brad Garrett spoke to Local 5 on Monday, discussing certain aspects of the case and providing some context about similar cases he’s worked on.

According to police, the adult female and two young children’s deaths were ruled as homicides. The male adult’s death was ruled as a suicide.

“So when you look at that, then you have to think about, okay, what are the motivators, and consistently in family homicides, they tend to be driven by financial hardships, because culturally, men, you know, are the breadwinners, and they take that responsibility at a very high level,” said Garrett. “And when they can’t support their family, they feel humiliated. And when they feel humiliated, they’re concerned about what people will think of them and their family. And it becomes such an acute problem for them, that they end up killing their whole family and killing themselves with some sort of diluted rationalization that everybody will be better if they’re dead than alive. So you may have some version of that. So if I were the police, I clearly would be looking at that.”

Police are still interviewing people and providing support to the surviving family members.

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