Former VP Joe Biden says U.S. must be rational with immigration

Local News

DES MOINES – Former Vice President Joe Biden says the United States must deal with immigration in a rational way.

Local 5’s Sabrina Ahmed sat down with the Democratic presidential candidate on July 4th for an exclusive interview. The discussion touched on a number of topics including lifting up the middle class, healthcare, the trade war with China, and immigration.

The former vice president explained, “We have to provide a pathway to citizenship for people. We still need border security but smart border security. Drugs aren’t coming through from over the fence; drugs are coming through from actual portals of entry.”

Biden also discussed the need for technology in securing the border. He said, “We have the capacity to be able to use very modern technology. We can lay on top of a great tractor trailer coming through essentially a giant x-ray machine and know what’s inside. And we’re not spending money on the things that make a difference.”

While he was in Iowa on the 4th of July, Biden made a number of stops, including walking in a parade in Independence.

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