Former VP Joe Biden visits Des Moines on presidential campaign

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DES MOINES – Former Vice President Joe Biden announced last week he’s running for president. He’s now the 20 Democrat to enter the race and he’s now touring Iowa. His Des Moines campaign stop at the River Center downtown got started a little after six tonight. 

Hundreds came out to the River Center to hear the former vice president speak, hoping that they would hear a lot of fight in him. To know and feel confident that they can vote for him. The main take away from this speech is that Democrats have to win this next election. 

Democratic voters in Iowa still not sure if they’ll be voting for the former vice president, but are hopeful his credentials will propel him through election season. 

Issues like the need for new immigration laws and workers rights are some at the top of their list. The Firefighters Union has endorsed Biden. They believe he’s the right person for the job. 

The former VP took the stage and let the crowd know he would be fighting for the middle class. 

Biden says President Trump has lost the confidence of the american people. Blocking them out and not listening to their concerns. He is confident he can restore the nation’s morale. While he continues to campaign, he’s encouraging Democrats to get out and vote. 

“Go get them. Whether it’s for me or anyone else. Go get them. We have to win this election,” says Biden. 

The former vice president also told Iowans they’re going to see a lot of him for the next couple of months. His goal is to win the Iowa caucus. 

The latest poll from CNN has former VP Biden at 39%. Sanders following at 15%. With Warren, Buttigieg, O’Rourke, and Harris following far behind. 

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