Gov. Reynolds’ criminal justice committee moves forward with reform recommendations

Local News

Back in mid-October, Governor Kim Reynolds launched the FOCUS (Fueling Ongoing Collaboration and Uncovering Solutions) Committee on Criminal Justice Reform.

On Thursday, the committee unanimously adopted recommendations for criminal justice reform efforts. 

The recommendations are mainly focused around reforms to the discharge process and helping the recently released individuals successfully reenter the community.

These reforms include:

  • Creating an easier pathway to regaining voting rights
  • Helping the recently incarcerated reenter the workforce
  • Allowing greater access to education of the incarcerated and recently released
  • Helping reentering citizens have access to adequate transportation

A full list of the recommendations can be found here.

“Iowans recognize the power of redemption and second chances, and criminal justice reform continues to be a key priority for my administration,” said Gov. Reynolds.

“These recommendations help address our state’s workforce needs, protect our communities, and send a strong message to every Iowan that it’s never too late to turn your life around.”

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