Grandmother wants driver who hit grandson to come forward

Local News

DES MOINES – An Iowa grandmother wants answers and justice for her grandson who was hit by a car this week.

It happened Wednesday night at the corner of Franklin and 11th Street in Des Moines. A six-year-old boy named Tony was hit by a car when he was playing. According to Judy, Tony’s grandmother, the driver got out of his car, told a nearby woman not to call police, and then took off.

“I wish he would come forward and at least apologize to him and do the financial responsibilities when it comes to him,” said Judy. “Due to the fact that, you know, if it was an accident, I get it, I understand. Kids are out in the street. But by hitting and running, that was just wrong. It’s just really upsetting for me because he’s only six years old.”

Des Moines investigators told Local 5 that they are still working on the case.

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