Grassley says he still doesn’t agree with Trump on tariffs

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sen. Chuck Grassley doesn’t think the escalating tariffs on Mexican goods will actually come to fruition.

Grassley told Iowa reporters on a phone call on Wednesday that he believes talks between Mexican and American leaders that are happening on Wednesday in Washington will prevent the suggested tariffs from being imposed and potentially hurting consumers. 

“Now, I have said that I didn’t agree with the president needs tariffs. I’m not backing off of that,” said Grassley. “I don’t think it’s a right thing to do when he was on the cusp of a victory that would very much help agriculture through the new Mexican Canadian Trade Agreement. But that still doesn’t mean that I don’t think Mexico can do more. Mexico ought to do more. We shouldn’t have to force Mexico into doing more but also we’ve got a tremendous
problem on the border…”

Grassley said he understands that President Trump wants to fix the broken immigration system, but he doesn’t believe tariffs are the way to do that.

“I can disagree with the President on tariffs,” said Grassley. “I agree with the President on most of his
immigration issues and particularly border security.”

President Trump will be in Iowa next week for two events. Grassley doesn’t believe he will have time to accompany the president on this trip.

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