Grieving parents support each other through unimaginable loss

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WEST DES MOINES — The worst thing for a parent is losing their child. Monday, a group of families shared their stories with Local 5’s Lakyn McGee. These parents want families to know that if they’re grieving, there’s a place they can go.

Once a week, three families make their way to a special place, where tissues are never in short supply.

The stories each mom and dad share about their son’s brings them closer.

Nick and Annie Rivas remember the day their son Noah was born.

“They induced labor and about an hour and half after that he was born. He was still born,” Annie said.

For Azra Cavlovic, exactly a year ago today she found out she was pregnant with a little boy, she named Benjamin.

“We all have our angel babies, but to us they’re our children,” Azra said.

When Annie McCoy was pregnant with her son Weston, she felt something was wrong.

“All the workers that tried to revive him, they took life saving measures, they cried too. It was heartwarming, because it felt like he was real,” McCoy said.

But the loss they’ve encountered brings them together here at Amanda the Panda, where they talk freely of their losses.

These three sets of parents agree, talking with one another can make all the difference.

“Being surrounded with people that know what you’re going through and may share parts of a similar story is pretty amazing,” McCoy said.

“Just talk about it. Because talking about it helps. Absolutely,” Nick Rivas.

Knowing they aren’t alone gives them the strength to honor and remember their sons.

One in four women who become pregnant will not get to take their baby home. These three families say you are not alone and talking about it helps.

A new perinatal and infant loss support group will begin on Monday October 21 at the Amanda the Panda offices in West Des Moines. Their number is (515) 223-4847. The group is free and open to the public.

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