Healthcare crisis could leave thousands of Iowans without insurance coverage

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DES MOINES – A real estate agent of 30 years, and an Iowa lawmaker are calling the state’s health care crisis unacceptable.

There are three companies that offer individual coverage to Iowans who aren’t enrolled in a state program or get their insurance through their job. Aetna has said they’re leaving, Wellmark has said they likely won’t be covering individuals starting January 1. Medica was going to leave but has now said they might stay, but will implement at 43% rate increase.

We talked to Lynn Carlson, a real estate agent of 30 years and Stage 4 cancer patient, who says those options aren’t acceptable.

“If I don’t have health insurance next year, I will probably just have to die. I’m not going to be able to afford medications,” said Carlson.

State lawmakers have decided to take action. Representative John Forbes of Urbandale told Local 5 he’s proposing a medicaid or medicare-for-all type of program where people would be able to buy into an insurance pool that is run by the State of Iowa. He said it will likely require a special session of the legislature to get approved before the beginning of next year.

“If we don’t get quality healthcare coverage for the 72,000 Iowans, these people are going to other systems. Access to hospitals which will in turn increase costs to all Iowans,” said Forbes.

We’ll keep you posted with more information.

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