Heavy winds bring down tree on Beaverdale home

Local News

DES MOINES – A Des Moines family is being forced to move out of their home after a branch from their oak tree fell late Wednesday night. Neighbors say they wanted it to be cut down sooner. 

“It sounded like a train, a train crashing as the cars were tumbling over. It seemed to go on for about 15-20 seconds, it seemed like it was forever, but it wasn’t a train,” says Bryan Conley. “When it hit that truck you heard that crash and then the first truck was here.”

The morning after you could see the damage. A neighbor says they saw it in the morning and were surprised, saying usually you don’t have something like that happen in the neighborhood.  While the family packed up, neighbors stepped in.

“I let them use my truck and they’re using it to move all of their stuff out. Sbviously their truck is not going to work very well. Every time it gets windy, you get 50-60 mile per hour winds here, these trees sway pretty well. It’s a little unsettling but we’ve been fortunate,” says Conley. 

Neighbors say this isn’t the first tree to come down near the home. Mike Nutting says a couple of months ago, a big chunk fell off that tree already. 

“It’s just something you have to look out for,” said Nutting.

Those who have lived in the neighborhood for years sauy you can never be too careful. They try to take care of their trees as best as they can. “I maintain them and just hope nothing will happen. Sometimes the city will come out and trim around the power lines,” says Russell Jacobs.

The city says it is the homeowners responsibility to maintain the trees on their property.

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