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DES MOINES– A group of 211 Iowa partners worked together to develop a free app that provides Iowans with up-to-date information on 12,000 services including local health and human services.

“What we’ve found in the past is that people want to reach out and dial 211 for assistance or they don’t want to go to the website,” said Melissa McCoy the United Way’s 211 Director, “so, it’s been easier with the help of our partners in the community, we were able to create the 211 app and launch it successfully last week.”

If you’re needing help with bills, food, or health this help can you. “A lot of times, people do not know where to go to start to look for that. This is something that in real time with a provider, they could sit down and we can help them start to location some different types of resources that can help them have better health outcomes. It’s a kind of thing they could take with them and then they can also advocate for themselves,” said Chris McCarthy from Unitypoint Health-Des Moines.

The free app can be found on the App Store or Google Play. Install and you can get started by tapping current location. For more information about the app click here.

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