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Holiday travelers flood Des Moines International Airport

DES MOINES - Airports were packed with millions of Americans who traveled home this holiday weekend. The Des Moines International Airport was no exception.

"It can get tiring. Coming from San Diego it's like an all day thing," said an Iowa State Student. 

Thousands of people were rushing to catch their flights. Some were coming home after a weekend with family and friends. 

"It can be painful sometimes with the lines and all that," said Miami native Aaron Petrash.

In the middle of all of the hustle and bustle families were saying goodbye to their loved ones. Petrash and his girlfriend were saying their goodbyes too.

"I came to visit him for the holidays, for Thanksgiving and all that," said Gabriela Rodriguez. 

Both Aaron and Gabriela are from Miami so they're used to a much bigger airport. 

"We came pretty early. That's why we come two hours before because the lines get crazy," said Rodriguez.

Petrash says Gabriela came to visit because he goes to school in Oskaloosa.

"She was away from her family, I was away from my family, but we together," said Petrash.

The two don't mind traveling and say traveling to Des Moines isn't that bad.

"It's easier because it's smaller," said Rodriguez.

Flying was the most popular way to travel this year. Almost four million people booked flights across the United States.

"Once you get through all that, like the lay overs, then it's not too big of an issue. I'm here, so now all I have to do is take the shuttle" said an ISU Student.

For him, the hardest part about traveling this year was being alone. If you were one of the many people who chose to travel during this Thanksgiving holiday, you're in luck! According to AAA, the airfare was the cheapest it's been since 2013.



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