Hundreds of Iowans scammed: Get your Miracle Scraper refund

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It’s not that the “Miracle Scrapers” don’t work. In fact, many of you told Local 5 they work just fine. But the Florida-based company that sold them to hundreds of Iowans slipped in a hidden fee with every online order that charged customers ever month.

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With each purchase, the company automatically signed people up for a so-called “VIP Auto Discount Club” drawing $10 a month out of people’s bank accounts.

Glenda Wetzel, of Bedford, went eight months before realizing she’d lost $10 every month to the company.

“I called them and they wouldn’t give me my money back,” said Wetzel.

She eventually got her credit card company to dispute the charge and issue a full refund in July. But not all Iowans were so lucky.

After seeing over 1,000 complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the Office of the Iowa Attorney General subpoenaed the company, Italia Trading, LLC and found out that over 280 Iowans had purchased the scraper. So they filed a lawsuit and reached a settlement.

Now, all Iowans will get a refund for the product and the monthly fee.

In addition, the company is barred from selling to Iowans in person and online and are required must set up a system to not let Iowans order the product online.

“So even if Iowans went online they wouldn’t be able to order from Miracle Scraper,” Hicks said.

If the company violates that or other terms of the settlement they’ve agreed to pay $30,000 to the State of Iowa.

“They don’t have to return the product, they can keep their Miracle Scrapers, but they will still get their money back,” Hicks said.

Hicks says, if money isn’t back in your account by the end of January, give the the attorney general’s office a call at (515) 281-5164.

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