Iowa family remembers brother who died in motorcycle accident

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JEFFERSON – A resident of the Jefferson community passed away after fighting for his life in a central Iowa hospital this week.

Kenny Hostetler died after a motorcycle accident in central Iowa that happened over the weekend. His wife remains hospitalized and has undergone a few surgeries. Hostetler’s sister, Rae Mullica, spoke to Local 5 about her brother and the memories he leaves behind.

“Motorcycles, he started riding those from the time he was probably five years old,” said Mullica. “And Kenny loves to bowl. He’s got a lot of friends and Jefferson. I mean, everybody knows, everybody knows Kenny and Sue.”

Sue and Kenny were originally at different hospitals. Sue was also involved in the crash. 

“Their son was going back and forth. Everybody was going back and forth,” said Mullica. “They made it happen where they brought him to Methodist, and they put them in the same room. And they took her over and put him in a room with him. And she was able to see him and spend time with him before he passed.”

Kenny and Sue were not wearing helmets at the time of the crash. Mullica said that Kenny suffered a stroke before the accident, and that’s what caused him to lose control and crash. Now, Mullica just wants to remember her brother in a positive light.

“He was enjoying life. And he said, ‘I’ll be fine.’ That was his, his motto, you know, I’m gonna live life to its fullest,” said Mullica. “And, you know, when it’s time it’s time. But if he would have taken care of his health in this situation, it had nothing to do with the motorcycle. It had to do with his health.”

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