Iowa man loses his hand after fireworks incident

Local News

MUSCATINE – Three people were hurt using fireworks in eastern Iowa on July 4.

An initial report said one man lost his hand after a mortar firework exploded in his hand before he was able to let it go. Another person suffered injuries to his face, and a third person lost several fingers.

Two of the three men were taken to a local hospital in Muscatine. The third man, who blew off his hand, was airlifted to Iowa City. Fire officials said the firework launching device the man used is commonly used by professionals.

“People who are lighting those, igniting those off, have to go to school and pyrotechnics to actually light those things off,” said Chief Darrell Janssen with the Muscatine Fire Department.

All three men are expected to recover. This is the most serious fireworks incident in Muscatine after Iowa legalized fireworks two years ago.

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