Iowa State launches new safety app

Local News

AMES – A new app is helping students feel safe at Iowa State University. It’s called ISU Guardian. Iowa State Police just launched it this Wednesday. If you use the app, an ISU Officer, friend, or even a family member can track where you are. 

ISU Police Chief Michael Newton says, “We’re always working with our students, faculty, and staff on how we can make the campus a safer place. How we can make people feel more secure in their environment and a lot of people were saying you know we’d like to see some other tools and things we can use to take control of our own personal safety.” 

The ISU Guardian app does just that. “One of the things we think people will use the most is the safety timer piece of the app. I can click on it and choose my family or friends to be my guardian, or during our safe ride hours you can do an official guardian from the ISU police,” says Newton. 

Once you select your guardian, you set a timer for your walk. If time runs out, it asks you if you’re okay and tells your guardian to check on you. 

ISU Police say they’ve already gotten a few tips through the app. But that also comes with some accidental calls. They want to remind students to only call in the case of an emergency.

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