Iowan talks about going down to help with aftermath of Hurricane Dorian

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ATLANTA, GA – When the entire nation’s attention is turned toward the eastern coastal states ahead of Hurricane Dorian making landfall, some Iowans go straight toward the anticipated worst-hit areas to help in any way they can.

Local 5 spoke to Mary Flury, a Red Cross Iowa volunteer who is stationed in Atlanta right now. She’s helping prepare meals and evacuation shelters ahead of Hurricane Dorian. Flury said she left on Sunday to get down to Atlanta.

“Today I have just been working in the headquarters in Atlanta here in Georgia, helping to coordinate and working with the seeding lead here helping to coordinate feeding, and prepare for feeding the set of activation shelters and the affected areas,” said Flury. “It can be a little bit hectic, we try to coordinate as the best we can. A lot of volunteers from all over the United States are coming in. We try to anticipate where it’s going to impact and make sure we have the staff and they’re ready for when we need to open evacuation shelters and make sure we have what we need to support the community members and those areas.”

Flury said the big focus for the Red Cross right now is prepping those emergency shelters.

“But I would say as we kind of look at the storm getting closer to the coast, I would say the biggest need right now is going to be sheltering…having a place for those community members to go to have a safe place to stay and a warm meal to eat. That’s going to be the biggest need,” said Flury. “We’re still requesting people to come in. But so far we’ve mobilized over 1,600 trained Red Cross volunteers from all over the country to support Georgia, the Carolinas and Florida. So we’ve got 1,600…some are still on the way.”

More volunteers are needed, and you can get trained for the next disaster by going to a Red Cross office near you and signing up.

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