Johnston mayor to run 790 miles after record breaking food, money donations to food bank

Local News

JOHNSTON — Mayor Paula Dierenfeld will run 790 miles in four months all thanks to food and money donations to the Johnston Partnership’s food pantry.

In Dierenfeld’s annual tradition Run for Food, the Johnston mayor trades in food and dollar donations for miles. For every bag of food or $10 donation, she runs one mile.

She has her work cut out for this year. Her goal was set for 650, but she’s pleased that they were able to collect so many donations.

“Your heart just feels so warm as a result of the generosity of the people in this community giving to the needy at this time of the year,” she told Local 5’s Eric Knifong.

She started her run on Dec. 31 and hopes to finish up by April. She’ll have to run at least eight miles a day to meet that goal.

While you can’t make her run anymore that 790 miles, you can still donate to the Johnston Partnership’s food pantry.

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