Chris Soules sentenced to two years probation in fatal 2017 crash

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INDEPENDENCE — A judge in Buchanan County has sentenced ex-‘Bachelor’ star Chris Soules to two years probation and no jail time, according to court documents filed Monday.

The 37-year-old Soules pleaded guilty to an aggravated misdemeanor charge of leaving the scene of an accident resulting in serious injury in November 2018. Soules was driving a truck in rural Buchanan County that crashed into a tractor driven by 66-year-old Kenneth Mosher in April 2017.

According to 911 audio, Soules stayed at the scene with Mosher for a time following the crash, but left the scene after telling dispatchers he would call them back. Mosher later died.

“If the court were to refuse to be bound by or were to reject the parties’ plea agreement, Iowa Rule of Criminal Procedure 2.10 would require the court to afford Defendant the opportunity to withdraw his plea of guilty,” Judge Andrea Dryer wrote Monday. “The offense occurred in April 2017. The court accepts the terms of the parties’ plea agreement because it is in accordance with the pre-sentence investigation report recommendations and in the interests of resolving this matter.”

Soules will be sentenced to a two-year suspended prison term, two years of probation and a $625 fine plus surcharge.

In court documents filed Friday, Soules’ attorneys wrote that their client intended to waive his right to be personally present or give a verbal statement at his sentencing hearing that was previously scheduled for Tuesday.

A formal sentencing order filed Monday stipulates that Soules must abstain “from all mood-altering substances and not use or consume alcoholic beverages or other drugs or a combination of such substances” per his terms of probation.

The only medication Soules would be allowed to take under his terms of probation would be those prescribed by a physician or qualified medical professional.

The Soules family reached a wrongful death lawsuit settlement with Mosher’s estate for $2.5 million in January.

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