Latest crop progress report: Iowa farmers three weeks behind schedule

Local News

MADRID — Late summer and early fall rain is causing issues for Iowa soybean farmers as they hope to harvest.

Soggy grounds in October means waiting for the right time to harvest. And that’s a wait that is passed on to consumers.

“It’s just been one challenge after another it seems like,” said Morey Hill, a soybean and corn farmer in Madrid.

The middle of October is “crunch time”, which is the case even more in 2019, as the first week of October is typically when soybeans are ready.

Longer days means farmers can be more prone to accidents, too.

“People will push themselves with long days and long nights and maybe not as alert or as observant as they need to be,” Hill said.

According to the latest Iowa Crop Progress and Conditions Report, last week contained only 1.6 days “suitable for field work”, and farmers are nearly three weeks behind schedule compared to 2018.

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