Lawmakers consider garnishing winnings to collect debt

Local News

DES MOINES — Lawmakers are confident Iowa will find a way to collect debt from some sports betting winnings.

As written, part of the law would allow casinos to garnish winnings of more than $1,200 to pay off back taxes and child support.

Lawmakers voted Tuesday to delay the portion of the law again.

Lawmakers like Rep. Megan Jones (R – Sioux Rapids) said the state needs to find a good method to collect the winnings from people in real time.

“Sports betting happens very, very quickly and so if you win $600 in the third quarter of a football game, you might want to turn that money over to the fourth quarter of the game. Well, if you owe the state $1,000 the state’s going to want to capture that money first before you go and spend it on a bet again.”

While this section of the law was put on hold, a legislative panel officially approved the rest of the sports betting law Tuesday.

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