Lawyer of Waukee School District COO speaks out

Local News

WAUKEE –  Eric Rose, the Chief Operating Officer for the Waukee Community School District, has bonded out of jail. 

Mr. Rose has been charged with two counts of solicitation to commit a felony and one count of felonious misconduct in office. Rose’s attorney Steve Wandro says he believes the district has made this issue political. 

“What it smells like to me is that this is scapegoating,” said Wandro. 

According to Wandro, a 2016 internal investigations already revealed how Rose violated district policies. Rose allegedly was keeping school property at his home and illegally altered employee time cards. He also solicited donations for a hockey team he was involved in from district vendors. At that time, the Dallas County attorney did not file charges against Rose. 

“Anytime you have a problem and it is identified , you own up to it and he did,” added Wandro.

If found guilty, Rose could face up to five years in jail. 

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