Lease gap causing issues for ISU students

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AMES — When you think about homelessness, you don’t normally think about college students. Right now, the Iowa State University residence halls and apartments are empty. This is called a lease gap. Some students told Local 5 that they’re worried about where they will be sleeping tonight.

It’s known as homeless weekend.

“I have been couch surfing for about the past week or so.”

Preston Burris will be a senior at ISU this year. He’s ready to move in, but because of the lease gap he’ll have to find somewhere else to stay for a few more days. “I, personally, have only been able to keep three pieces of furniture and it was a hassle to find a place to store those during the lease gap.”

“Some people keep their stuff in their cars. That’s what I did.” Jim Heinrichs will also be a senior at ISU this year. “I had two days where I didn’t have an apartment so I left a lot of my stuff in the car.”

Jim’s lease gap is shorter than most students because he’s a community advisor in one of the dorms. “So, technically, for two days I didn’t have a place to live.”

ISU does offer temporary housing for students. But they have to pay $25 a night.

“My lease gap is way longer than the relief period they are providing.”

So he works with students and the Ames Tenant Union. “We need to join together in a union to be able to have power that we have as renters.”

“I think it would be nice if landlords worked more with the students to move into their new apartment when they have to move out of their old apartment.”

For those of you that are still looking for housing, ISU does offer temporary housing. But remember, you have to be an ISU student. That does run until August 14.

Local 5 On Your Side found some resources for you to use if you have questions about tenant law in Iowa or residence-housing agreements with ISU.

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