Lincoln High School cancels classes after toilet paper set on fire in bathroom

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DES MOINES — Students and staff at Lincoln High School were dismissed from classes Monday due to a fire in a bathroom.

Approximately 20 minutes before the beginning of the school day Monday, a fire started in a men’s restroom.

Students arriving had to wait outside the building.

“We heard the fire alarm go off, so we thought someone pulled it at first,” one student said. “So I made a Snapchat story about it.”

But as it turns out, the fire was real. A student had set fire to a roll of toilet paper.

“The smoke was very thick in the bathroom, so our sprinkler system in teh bathroom kicked in,” principal Paul Williamson said.

Even though the fire was put out, the smell of stroke was strong in the east part of the building, which houses a bulk of the classrooms.

One student, a senior named DaMariyon who works in the school office, said a lot of parents were confused about the situation.

“I’m in the office a lot so I help answer the phones,” DaMariyon said. “A lot of parents were calling asking ‘What’s going on? I heard classes were cancelled.'”

Principal Williamson recommends that Lincoln parents and family members download the School Connects app to keep updated with happenings at the school.

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