Litter of kittens found abandoned behind a dumpster during downpour

Local News

Photo: Animal Rescue League

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa says five three-week-old kittens were found Thursday during the downpour, abandoned in a soaked cardboard box behind a dumpster.

They were drenched, covered in fleas and as cold as ice.

The ARL’s Emergency Care Team immediately dried them and placed them into an incubator in the ARL Kitten NICU to warm them.

The ARL says the kittens are under intensive care for anemia and dehydration. They went home with a member of their cat team Thursday night so they could receive overnight care and supplemental feedings.

With the temps getting colder and colder, the ARL says that these kittens are very lucky.

The ARL is asking for donations to help with these animals, who are the first to need emergency care as we near the winter season.

You can help these kittens by visiting the ARL’s donation page for them.

You can also visit the ARL’s main webpage. There you can find options to adopt, volunteer, foster or donate.

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