LOOK: Aerial view of downtown Davenport flooding

Local News

DAVENPORT – The downtown area of Davenport has flooded because of a levee breach.

Per Kurt Allemeier- Communications Specialist for the City of Davenport:
-The area that flooded in Davenport is a specific area that has previously had issues with flooding.
-Most of the area that is flooded is green space-some streets.
-The levee that broke is a temporary flood wall that protects an eastern part of downtown.
-The areas that are affected are from Iowa Street to Perry Street. The water is up to E 2nd Street.
-Arsenal Bridge, which connects downtown Davenport to Rock Island is affected by the flooding.
-Most of the buildings are commercial. Some have apartments on top of them.

Basically, this is a small and specific area of downtown Davenport which has already had issues with flooding from the Mississippi River.

It is not expected that the water will continue to rise significantly at this point.

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