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Metro Cities Re-Examine Firework Laws After Last Year

6/10/2018 - ANKENY, Iowa - Now only two cities in the metro will allow people to set off fireworks, Ankeny and Waukee. But, there are also some restrictions there.

"Last year we had 21 locations all over the state and this year were going to have 43 locations all over the state," said Jeremiah Terhark, owner of Iowa Fireworks Company.

His business doubled from last year.

"Last year we served about 3200 customers," said Terhark.

But while his business grew, the places to allow people to light up the sky on the Fourth of July shrank.

Ankeny is one city that will allow you to still bring the noise.

"The city of Ankeny has allowed the use and display of fireworks on July Fourth," said Craig Fraser, Ankeny fire marshal.

Fraser recommends a cautious approach to pyrotechnics.

"I often tell people to treat fireworks like a fire arm," said Fraser.

He said you must shoot the on your own property and to never point them in someone's direction.

"As soon as you think you have a dud or something it will be the time that it goes off and it could injure someone," said Fraser.

That is what makes Fraser stay on his toes around this time of year.

"It concerns me every year and i kinda hold my breath so when the Fourth of July is over I exhale and say it's over and we can go for another year," said Fraser.

Even though people in Ankeny can shoot off fire works, Terhark stresses to double check where and when you can use them.

"It's really recommend that customers reach out to the city around the metro because they can change that even leading up to now until the fourth," said Terhark.

All firework sales end July 8th.

If you are unsure where and when you can light off fireworks check with your city hall.


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