Mother apologizes for her son’s alleged threats to shoot officers

Local News
KNOXVILLE – Cindy Ford is sending an apology to the families of two officers who were killed in the line of duty in November. 
Her son Corie Briggs is accused of punching an officer in the face at least twice while resisting arrest Friday night. Briggs is also accused of telling policemen after his arrest Friday he was “going to get a handgun, and shoot you just like ol’ boy did up there in Des Moines to those other two officers. “
Ford said she’s not making excuses for her son if he did say these things but there’s a deeper issue at hand. She explained she has tried to get help for his mental health multiple times but has failed. 
“It’s been a strain on the family. He gets angry with everyone. He’s been angry with me but you have to see where Corie is coming from,” she explained.  “My son is a prime example of Iowa’s tax dollars of where children have been placed and have fallen through the cracks, ” Ford continued. 

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