Neighbors along Hubbell Ave. take matters into their own hands

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DES MOINES – Neighbors in the area say they need more. Concerns began a month ago when Local 5 On Your Side told you about a crash near Hubbell Avenue and East 27th Street in Des Moines. The car flipped over and almost ended up in someone’s front yard. Local 5 talked to neighbors who say this happens all the time. 

We got those neighbors answers from the city. They agreed to add extra signs to encourage drivers to slow down. Homeowners immediately fired back saying those signs aren’t good enough. 

“They come off of Hubbell and they are flying.” Larry Peterson is one of three homeowners who lives along this dangerous stretch of Hubbell Avenue. “They come down and around that curve and I bet they are doing 100 MPH.” 

After the most recent crash there a few weeks ago, Local 5 On Your Side talked with Des Moines city officials. They say the speed limit is 30 MPH, but they are going to put up an advisory speed limit sign urging drivers to take the curve at 25 MPH. 

The city sent neighbors an email explaining the information they’ve gathered about the road. 

But homeowners aren’t convinced. They say the curve is misleading and speed is the issue. “I’ve been trying to get something done with this speed. And that’s all it is, it’s speed. I don’t care how many cars go by my house.”

Larry and the other homeowners aren’t alone. The entire neighborhood agreed that adding some kind of barrier would stop cars from flying into lawns. “The street needs to be re-engineered.” 

City leaders were at tonight’s meeting. They assured Local 5 On Your Side that they’re not done with this stretch of road. They’re planning a speed study to see just how fast drivers are going. 

The city says a guard rail wouldn’t work in that area, due to spacing along the street. We will continue to follow this story as City Council decides what to do next. 

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