New “blackout” license plate available to Iowans

Local News

DES MOINES – Iowans can now order a new all-black specialty plate.

The bill to allow this new “blackout” license plate was finalized by the state legislature this year.

You can order the new plate starting July 1. It’s offered as both a standard alpha-numeric plate and a personalized plate, and you can order both online, or by completing this form and mailing it to the Iowa DOT’s Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services Bureau. Iowa Prison Industries will make the plates and ship them to your county treasurer’s office, who will let you know when they are ready to pick up. Please remember to bring the plates you are replacing into your county treasurer’s office to turn them in when you pick up your new plates.

The new plate will cost $35 for a standard alpha-numeric plate and an additional $25 (for a total of $60) for a personalized plate. Funds collected for the blackout plate will go to the Road Use Tax Fund, which funds state, county, and city road and bridge projects throughout Iowa.

License plates are an important tool used by law enforcement and others to help identify a vehicle.

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