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North, Hoover high schools complete game that was suspended in September

It was stopped after a shooting on Sept. 7

DES MOINES - Hoover High School was the site of something very unusual on Monday night: the completion of a suspended football game. 

We see suspended games in high school football almost every year, but very few for the circumstances we saw at Hoover. This on ended early because of a shooting that took place near the stadium. The game stopped with 2:15 to go in the 4th quarter, and the Huskies leading the Des Moines North Polar Bears 21-18.

"Just kind of learn to adapt, but we've always kind of just pushed that on our players to adapt to unique situations, because there's a thousand scenarios that can play out in a game, and you can't practice them all," said Will Siffin, the head coach of Hoover High School.

"We didn't even want to reschedule because why play the last two minutes like that," said Dalton Davis, a senior for Hoover High School.

Warmups took longer than the game itself. Coach Siffin says he wanted the feel to be as normal as possible for his team. 

"They showed heart tonight," said Hoover High School principal Sherry Poole. "There was a lot of heart on the field. They took a team unity photo before and they played their hearts out after."

"I think it was pretty important for us to get our first win, because now it gives us confidence that we can go out and get a dub on Friday," said Davis.

"We could have walked away and they called the game (on Sept. 7) and that would give us a victory, but it wasn't a true victory and that's something that would have always sat and resonated with us, but now it shows us that we're still proud and strong," said Siffin. 

"I just think it sends the message that that one event didn't define the final outcome and that we were able to come back as one large community and finish the game," said Poole. 

North hasn't defeated Hoover in a football game since 2012.

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