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On Your Side: Ankeny works to re-time traffic lights

ANKENY - Traffic lights never seem to change when you need them to, right?

City leaders in Ankeny have listened to neighbors complaints about stop lights.

Ankeny has decided to re-time their traffic light after almost ten years, which could mean drivers have more time at a green light than a red. Residents here say it is much needed.

"We don't even go for lunch in the area because we will spend the whole time on the road," Andrew Wardrup says.

"I actually moved up here from Dallas," he says.

But, he says driving in Ankeny might as well be driving down south.

That is what the city is working to fix by re-timing 48 signals in 7 major corridors.

"When we implement the timings at one intersection, we want to try and do that in the overall corridor," Says Mark Mueller, Director of Public Works.

Mueller says they plan to re-time more frequently.

"Moving forward, that is something we will look at not waiting another 8 or 9 years," Mueller says.

Once the new timings are implemented, they will come out and tweak anything, if needed.



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