Operation Dry Water hits Iowa waters for 4th of July weekend

Local News

SAYLORVILLE — Many Iowans will be hitting the lakes the next few days. So too will officers with the Department of Natural Resources. Every year they conduct their Operation Dry Water, which includes heightened enforcement on the lakes. This year it happens to fall on the 4th of July weekend.

Operation Dry Water starts today. With the DNR having almost 500 boating while intoxicated arrests last year, they’re going to be on the waters patrolling and looking for a few things. Including, making sure you wear your life jacket. “I would say the most important thing is life jackets.”

Dustin Eighmy is a conservation officer. He says 84 percent of drowning deaths in Iowa are from people not wearing life jackets. “You don’t know when accidents are going to happen. If you hit an object and your boat stops and you throw people out of the boat you need to make sure you have those life jackets available to throw to them.”

Conservation officers will also be looking for one important thing: expired registration.

Registration from last year expired in April. So the DNR is keeping a close eye on the water. “They need to be placed on here, so you’re going to get a warning today.”

If you do get stopped, be prepared for the DNR to do an inspection. If you get that ticket, be prepared for the penalties.

Something to keep in mind, if you do get arrested on the water you will spend a night in jail and possibly lose your boating privileges.

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