Pipeline protesters want the President’s attention

Local News
(DES MOINES) Protesters have rallied, chanted, and even been arrested. Now they’re taking their fight to the highest level of government.
Opponents to the Dakota Access Bakken Pipeline took a petition full of 33,000 signatures into the federal courthouse in downtown Des Moines.
They hope President Obama will put a hold on a construction permit granted by the Army Corps of Engineers.
The Corps has authority over rivers in Iowa, but protesters say the president needs to take a closer look at those construction sites before they’re bulldozed in order to make way for the pipeline.
Carolyn Raffensperger says, “We don’t give up because the Obama administration put a hold on one of the big permits. Meaning the pipeline can’t connect up, can’t send oil through North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois.”
If this attempt to stop the pipeline doesn’t work,  there are other things in the works, such as a pending lawsuit from landowners. Protesters say they will leave no stone unturned in their effort to get construction stopped.

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