Police: Dozens of cell phones recovered that were reportedly stolen at ‘515 Alive’ concert

Local News

WEST DES MOINES — 40 to 50 cell phones were recovered after officers stopped a car they thought was connected to a car burglary.

A search warrant was obtained for the car, according to West Des Moines officers, and around 40-50 cell phones were recovered.  A majority of the phones were reported stolen from their owners while they were attending the “515 Alive” concert in Des Moines.  

West Des Moines police have been working with officers at the Des Moines department to get the recovered phones identified and returned to their owners.  At this time, no arrests have been made in connection with this case.  This investigation is ongoing including burglaries to motor vehicles at the Val Air Ballroom.

Local 5 spoke to one victim who explains how quickly the thefts happened.

“So I had my phone out filming the show and then I put it away, right after he got finished, in my fanny pack which was right here and I started walking to the bathroom and right when I got to the bathroom, I went to grab my phone and it was zipped up and it was gone and I was like what in the world,” said Sydney Holland.

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