Public market replacing Des Moines Social Club

Local News

DES MOINES — A public market is replacing the Des Moines Social Club site.

According to the Greater Des Moines Partnership, it will host a variety of local shops and vendors and will provide fresh locally grown food year-round.

Polk County Supervisor Matt McCoy said that this is something the community has been talking about for awhile.

“I believe it’s fair to say that our community has been thinking about a public indoor market for more than a decade now, and that public market answers the call for more community by invigorating a creative environment and continuing this vision of vibrant collaborative community.”

The market will feature local food, art, entertainment, and educational opportunities.

Leaders hope it will serve as a flexible space that features the best of Des Moines.

No word when work begins on the new project or when it will be open to the public.

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