“Rape culture has become embeded in today’s society”

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DES MOINES – Students at Drake University are using a video of Donald Trump make lewd comments about women to bring attention to  “the embedded rape culture in today’s society.” 

Last week recording from 2005 was released. It was caught on a microphone when Trump was talking with Billy Bush who was with “Access Hollywood.” The presidential candidate was asked if he had really groped and kissed women without their permission. 

Trump responded, “I have great respect for women..nobody has more respect for women than i do. But frankly, you hear these things I said. And I was embarrassed by it but I have tremendous respect for women. The debate host asked, “Have you ever done those things?” and Trump answered, “No I have not.”

Monday, several students expressed this so called “locker room talk” has been going on for as long as they can remember. They said it is sad to hear a political candidate speaking like this but this goes deeper than the ballot. 

“I think it’s really difficulty because rape culture is so embedded in our society and people have been very casual about it,” said Emma Fervoy. 

As a counselor, Tammy Gilmore works with victims of sexual assault on a regular basis. She said there is not enough education and understanding about what it means to be touched inappropriately. 
“They’re sacred to talk about it. They’re scared of retaliation. They’re sacred of not being believed,” she explained. 
She continued to say this topic needs to be taken very seriously and we all need to be available for anyone who might come to us and report sexual assault. 
If think you could be a victim of sexual assault or think you know someone who might have been abused you’re encouraged to contact Polk County Crisis and Advocacy Services. Help is provided for free. 

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