Redevelopment of Knoxville VA Campus coming soon

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KNOXVILLE — After watching a massive Veterans Affairs complex stay empty for more than a decade, Knoxville leaders are taking control of the property.

They’ll likely demolish everything on campus.

After one year of planning with Marion County and the City of Knoxville, they now have control of the Veterans Affairs campus.

However this was not an easy process to obtain the land.

Development of the 153 acres of land will begin in the next couple of months but not all the buildings will be brought down.

One Knoxville resident said the new project will give the community a new sense of direction as they drive by.

“It was a constant reminder of how things used to be. Now starting today you get to drive by there and think about what it will be and so that’s a whole new thing for us,” said.

Mayor Hatch knows this kind of project will bring in hundreds more people and he says the city is ready for it.

“We bring a lot of people into work, we’d like to capture those people and have them come stay here, live here, spend their money in town so it’s a huge opportunity for us,” Hatch said.

For a progress timeline on the Knoxville VA District website, click here.

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