Reynolds won’t issue an executive order for felons’ voting rights

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DES MOINES – Gov. Kim Reynolds told Local 5 on Friday that she would not be issuing an executive order to restore an Iowa felon’s right to vote.

During her Condition of the State speech in January, Reynolds called on the legislature to help her pass an amendment to the state constitution that would automatically restore an Iowa felon’s voting rights when he or she completes his or her sentence. Reynolds crafted a bill that would make that happen. It passed the full Iowa House. On Thursday, that same bill was up for debate in the Senate Judiciary Committee, and it failed to get enough votes.

Local 5 asked Reynolds on Friday if this changes her approach.

“This is no different than if it has passed,” said Reynolds. “If it had passed, I still had a year and then another year before we would be able to get it on the ballot. So what I’m doing in the interim is I made this process simpler. We’re going through those, we’re doing it in a timely manner, so this really doesn’t change the timeline, but I have work to do and I’m gonna do it and I’m not gonna give up on it.”

Democrats in the Senate want Reynolds to issue an executive order in the meantime so that Iowa felons can vote in the elections.

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