Rick Perry speaks on renewable energy at ISU

Local News

AMES – United States Energy Secretary Rick Perry spoke to a large crowd Tuesday at Iowa State University about Iowa’s efforts in renewable energy.

Local 5’s Rafael Lopez had the opportunity to interview Secretary Perry. With a two-question limit, the interview was focused on Secretary Perry’s interpretation of climate change, specifically considering President Trump’s recent comment that he no longer thinks climate change is a hoax. 

“We recognized that the climate is changing always has been, but the point that we like to focus on is what are the technologies that we can be engaged with to make the climate we live in better,” said Perry. “That we can protect it whether it is creating new fuels to keep from having the emissions that are being pushed out.”

Secretary Perry praised ISU’s contributions in researching and spreading carbon utilization technology to other countries like India and China, where, according to him, they are burning a lot of fossil fuel. 

“The technologies that we are seeing put into place dealing with the extractions with these tight gases which allow for the liquefied natural gas to be moved out of the united states and then into markets around the world,” said Perry. “All of that will have a massive impact on our climate.”

Before the interview, the Secretary visited the National Laboratory on Iowa State’s Campus. He spoke with leaders and scientists who are working on innovative research. 

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