Riders sported their favorite college jerseys as RAGBRAI heads to Burlington

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FAIRFIELD– Day six of RAGBRAI, riders sported their favorite college jerseys as they hit the road for the 65.6 mile trek to Burlington.

Here in Big 12 country, riders like Jenny Jacobsen say she’ll be a standout wearing her University of Oklahoma jersey. “I think it’s going to be a bulls-eye, but when someone rides by and says boomer we’re in there.”

Riders can join the Party on the Riverfront starting with music from Eric Pettit Lion at 2 p.m. Riders are challenged to conquer Snake Alley as well. Just be one of the first to make it to the top and you can take home an “I Conquered Snake Alley” prize starting at 1 p.m.

COMPLETE COVERAGE: Local 5’s Elias Johnson rides RAGBRAI

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