Rob Sand takes “pizza war” to the streets

Local News

Which is better, Casey’s General Store breakfast pizza or Kum & Go breakfast pizza? It’s like asking someone which team they want to win at the Cy-Hawk game. It’s not a civilized conversation- it’s war.

However, there is one thing that all breakfast pizza lovers can agree on. These delicious slices of heaven should be sold all day long, or at least longer than 10 a.m. Breakfast pizza has an advocate in at the state capitol: Auditor Rob Sand.

Sand is very passionate and vocal about breakfast pizza, specifically Casey’s General Store. He’s called out Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke for referring to a slice of supreme as a slice of breakfast pizza.

However, nothing compares to his Twitter moments from the past week. Sand thought it worthy to keep his followers updated on all things breakfast pizza. Before letting people know about the breakfast pizza party, he tweeted out a screenshot of his attempts to talk to Casey’s General Store.

The Democrat announced Thursday evening that Kum & Go will explore the idea to extend breakfast pizza hours. Sand even invited them to serve free pizza on the east side of the capital Friday morning.

Casey’s replied, and Sand responded:

Later on Friday, Casey’s explained why they didn’t show up to the pizza party.

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