Snow removal took longer in Des Moines

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DES MOINES – Plows for the Department of Transportation have been out for the past 48 hours, treating interstates and highways. 

However residents across Des Moines were questioning where all the snow plows were. 

According to the city, there were about 69 plow trucks cleaning the roads. However it takes between four to six hours just for drivers to complete an entire cycle.

“We do think that the timing of Monday’s storm and its intensity during rush hour put us in a situation that was very hard to work out of,” said Public Works Director Jonathan Gano.

Despite having a solid plan Des Moines City leaders admitted there were some mistakes in how Monday’s storm was handled.

“You like to test a plan under all circumstances and little events don’t always put on the stress on the plan that you would like,” said Gano. 

The biggest hiccup? Residents that live near designated snow routes called the city to report that their stress had not been cleared. According to Gano, those were isolated incidents. 

“We missed one street in one neighborhood that was called in. That person was wondering when snow plows would be going by when we thought we were done,” said Gano. 

However, 48 hours after the storm residents like Dale Faulkner say they understand the city has several hundred miles of roads to clear out, but believes it was much slower this time around. 

“Most of the time we see the city do a pretty good job getting out there before the more people get out of work. This time it was a little later in the afternoon when they got at it,” said Faulkner. 

This storm left some people wondering which roads the city decides to plow first. 

“The plowing of side streets in residential districts starts as soon as the plows are free from their snow route duties that varies on the amount of time it takes the driver to complete that route,” said Gano. 

Faulkner says he is ready for the next storm, but believes the city could do a better job. 

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