Some Boone residents fed up with snow ordinance

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BOONE – If you park your car on the side of the road during a snow ordinance your car will get towed. That’s the message from the City of Boone. Thursday was the first time this season that the city issued a snow ordinance. However, that didn’t go so well with neighbors who woke up with tickets and even with their cars towed. 

“I had no idea there was a snow ordinance nor was I informed,” said Boone resident, Brendan Khlan 

Some Boone residents are fed up with the city’s snow ordinance. 

“I’m not the highest paid person out there so, it isn’t money I really want to spend getting my car back, ” said Khlan 

Brendan Khlan who recently moved to Boone from Kansas City learned the hard way after getting a $150.00 towing fee. 

“I also have to pay a $10.00 parking ticket for it to be legally parked, or how they say illegally parked ,” said Khlan. 

“Before the snow ordinance was passed we had a lot of problems with trying to move snow on the city streets from curb to curb where vehicles were parked on the street , ” said City Adminstrator, William Skare.

Skare says he understands the frustration but warns that his office does everything they can to notify people by: Text messages, emails, and Facebook posts. 

“Generally when we enact a snow ordinance it is done in the morning and it is usually done for that night”, said Skare. 

In Thursday’s storm Boone Police say more than 100 driver were ticketed or towed. However, they say residents were given a 3 hours grace period to get cars off the streets.

Despite all of this Khlan thinks they didn’t do enough. 

“I think it is ridiculous that this is a thing, that they can’t come to my door and let me know or tell me to move my car, give me 5 minutes, ” said Khlan 

“There have been times when we haven’t enacted a snow ordinance and we have received complaints from citizens that they have a car out in front of their resident , that the plow truck had to go around, so we get complaints from both sides”, said Skare. 

City officials say 1100 people are signed up for the push notification and since the storm they have had an additional 50 people have signed up. 

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