Summer pet safety & fireworks tips from the ARL

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DES MOINES — The Animal Rescue League of Iowa noticed a spike of heat related animal calls in the Des Moines area during last weekend’s sizzling temperatures. So they released a few helpful tips for keeping your pet safe this summer, as well as some tips to comfort nervous pets on the 4th of July.

  • Do not take your pets with you to firework displays – the sights and sounds are not an event you need to share with your pets.
  • Keep the TV or radio on during fireworks to help drown the sound and distract them from the loud noises.
  • For dogs with known noise anxiety, consider purchasing a “Thundershirt” – made specifically for storms and fireworks. Its gentle pressure has a dramatic calming effect on many dogs. (Can be purchased at the ARL’s Animal House retail store)
  • When walking your dog, be sure to take them out earlier in the evening before it becomes dark and fireworks are more likely to occur.
  • If possible, be with your pets in the house during the displays – you can provide additional comfort for them during this highly stressful time.
  • Be sure your pets are wearing proper identification at all times.

Even though temperatures are supposed to be dropping this week compared to last weekend, the temperatures can still be harmful to pets. The ARL serves as a cooling station for pets in the summer during open hours (weekdays 11am-8pm and weekends 11am-6pm).

For more information on how to keep your furry friends paws safe this summer, checkout the link to the ARL website here.

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