Teacher shares fond memories after child’s tragic death

Local News

GLIDDEN – Last weekend, 6-year-old Kadyn Sporrer tragically died after drowning in a community pool. Now, the community remembers his life and the positive moments he leaves behind. 

“He was a little boy that came into the classroom every morning with a great big smile on his face, eager to learn. He was a problem solver, he never let anything get him down.”

Alison Schon will always remember her year teaching Kadyn Sporrer’s class at Fairview Elementary. “He was a great helper and always kept me on my toes. He’d said, oh, Mrs. Schon, you’ve got to do this, so just those little things of being so sincere and so helpful will always be something I remember.”

Full of energy and joy, Alison says Kadyn grew more comfortable as the year went on. “When he left here in May, he was a light of personality. He was interacting, he was asking questions, so it was just so great to see that personality coming through.”

His impact in the classroom won’t be forgotten. “Got along with everybody in that classroom, we had one little boy that he just gravitated to, and he was just a blessing to that little boy, helped get him through the school year.”

Even in death, they’ll remember the good times they shared. “Kadyn will be a very hard one to forget, just because of that huge heart. Always watching out for the others kids, playing with them, encouraging them. Kadyn will always be that one they’ll remember.”

Funeral services for Kadyn will be held at 10:30 a.m. Friday at Central Church East of Carroll. Kadyn’s class is planning to sit together for the service.

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