Thieves break into car at Ames park

Local News

AMES – A woman was walking her dogs at an Ames park when thieves broke in and stole her purse. It happened at Ada Hayden Park. Now, she’s calling for the community to work together and make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.Inline Ad Opportunity

Over at the Ames Police Department, “The criminals see some sort of electronic or purses in the vehicle and they’ll break the windows and take the items out.”

Commander Jason Tuttle says there have been seven car break-in’s in the last month in Ames. “They will target fitness centers and other areas where people will go for recreation, because they know they don’t always want to take purses or those phones with them. So, they will specifically target some of these fitness areas.”

Now, she wants the community to come together and not let this happen to anyone else. She suggests the city install cameras.

But in the mean time, the Ames Police Department says never leave anything valuable in your car. But if you have to, the trunk is your best option.

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