‘Time is of the essence’: Being prepared for emergencies in the water

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Several weekend incidents on Iowa’s waters are serving as reminders to be prepared for all scenarios. 

Emergency crews responded to 3 different water incidents involving children, and are now stressing that you know what to do if you find yourself or someone around you drowning. 

“This time of year, we get to see a lot of water-related injuries, falls, cuts, bruises, scrapes, and pool related-falls,” said Dr. Tom McAuliff with Mercy Medical Center. “But we also begin to see a high risk for submergent injuries, drowning or near-drowning.”

With increased heat and rain levels in recent weeks, everyone wants to cool down. But issues in the water aren’t just isolated to kids. 

“Kids are no different than adults,” said flight paramedic Brand Vancil. “Time is of the essence in any situation, especially a drowning.” 

Experts say the quicker you can get oxygen to someone who is drowning, the faster you could save their life. 

Other practical tips include: Make sure you have skilled swimmers, have someone assigned to watch toddlers and ensure you are wearing safety equipment. 

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